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West Fargo doorbell camera catches delivery driver keeping dog from running away

The slogan has been retired, but What Brown Can Do For You sure paid off for a West Fargo family and their precious dog.

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A UPS driver tries to entice a dog named Bentley back into his home with treats after the dog ran outside during a delivery in West Fargo
Contributed / Christopherson family
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WEST FARGO — When a UPS driver recently delivered packages to the Christophersons in West Fargo, she was not prepared for what would happen next.

It seems the family's dog, Bentley, a Boxer, decided to slip out the front door, and it was all caught on the home's security camera.

The UPS driver tried to coax Bentley back, but after a few minutes decided that treats were a better option. Sure enough, the charming Boxer came back to the front door, ate the treat and went back inside.

The family calls what the UPS driver did "Amazing."

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