West Fargo police launch security camera registration program

West Fargo police are asking for the public's help with future investigations.

Secruity camera outside of the West Fargo VFW.
Sam Goetzinger / WDAY News
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WEST FARGO — The West Fargo Police Department is launching a voluntary security camera registration program.

The department is asking residents and businesses, who are willing, to fill out an online survey on their website.

The registry will let officers know where security cameras are present around West Fargo. When a crime happens near an address registered with a security camera, officers will contact the owner of the camera and request any available footage to help with their investigation.

"It basically eliminates the need for officers to go door to door and do extensive canvasing if there are several cameras registered in a certain area, they already know of the existence of those cameras," said Cody Beilke, an investigations lieutenant with West Fargo police.

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It is a completely voluntary program. Beilke says those registered can decide not to share footage from their cameras if they choose.


"You can opt out at any time. And no matter what, it does not give us access to any of your cameras. It just lets us know that they are there" he said.

Asking for video evidence from people in the area of a crime is a common occurrence, according to Beilke. The department hopes this will save time and create more success for investigations in the future.

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