FARGO - Cassandra Ramos and her daughter Marisella Brydl drove past the final Northern Plains Coin’s hiding place countless times Saturday, but it took the help of her son to finally find the prize.

After the first clue, “This spot will have you seeing red,” Ramos was sure the coin was somewhere near the Red River.

She kept running the clue by Brydl as they hunted around town, figuring the first thing that popped into a child’s mind might be unconventional enough to solve the puzzle.

On the way home for a quick lunch, Ramos told Brydl, 13, she was pretty sure the coin was on the Statue of Liberty replica near the Main Avenue bridge in Fargo. The pair had searched there, but not extensively.

The second clue, posted online at noon, said “It lights the way to your path to gold.” That sealed the deal in Ramos’s mind. The family headed back downtown. Her 10-year-old son Kaleb Brydl decided to tag along.

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It’s a good thing he did. Ramos hoisted Kaleb onto her shoulders behind the statue.

“It was a pure adrenaline rush,” she said.

That’s when Kaleb ran his hand along the pillar’s base, near Lady Liberty’s right foot, and found the coin.

Though they just won $500 worth of gold from Northern Plains Coins, which they planned to turn into cash, Ramos and her children have modest celebration plans. The kids want to take in a movie, then the family plans to barbecue.

Ramos said the family only moved to the area about a year and a half ago and didn’t quite understand the coin hunt last year. But this time, she said, Marisella Brydl wanted in.

In total, Ramos said the three spent a little more than three hours looking for the coin - less than the mother-daughter team who won two coins in a row spent on Friday.

You could say the Ramos-Brydle triple threat beat the dynamic duo of days past.