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Arnold muscles way into robotic role

Not surprisingly, Muscle & Fitness magazine beefed up its coverage of Arnold Schwarzenegger for its August issue to coincide with today's release of "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines."

Before becoming an actor, Ah-nold was a body builder who appeared in 1977's "Pumping Iron."

Muscle & Fitness keyed in on Scharzenegger's training routine to get to 220 pounds, the same weight he was when the second "Terminator" was released in 1991.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, he would do workout No. 1, which involved three exercises each for his deltoids, biceps and triceps. Each exercise was done in sets of five with 15 repetitions per set.

Later those same days, he would work out for 30 to 45 minutes on a treadmill, Lifecycle or StairMaster and then work on his abs, calves, thighs and hamstrings with exercises in sets of four with 15 or 25 repetitions.


On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, workout No. 1 involved three exercises each to work on his chest and back in sets of five with 15 reps each (by now, you understand workout lingo, eh?).

On those same days, workout No. 2 involved 30 to 45 minutes on the treadmill, Lifecycle or StairMaster again, followed by working on his abs, calves, thighs and hams again.

His typical "Terminator" day on the set went like this:

5 a.m. Arrive at studio for makeup.

10 a.m. Start filming.

5 p.m. Stop filming.

6 p.m. First workout.

8 p.m. Arrive home.


9 p.m. Second workout.

The Rail's only question is, "When did he squeeze acting lessons into this busy schedule?"

Magazine reveals opening scene

Muscle & Fitness also gave away the opening scene of "Terminator 3."

If you don't want to know, stop reading The Rail right now because we're going to spill the steroid beans as well.

The Terminator, as usual, arrives from the year 2032 in his birthday suit in search of clothing.

Fortunately, this time he pops into existence near a strip joint called The Spot, which happens to be having a "ladies night" occurring.

Since there are so many other semi-nude men walking around, the bodyguards don't think anything is too strange of the naked cyborg.


Arnold enters through the front entrance and finds himself, well, the most popular "guy" in the club.

He then takes the clothes belonging to one of the other male dancers and goes in search of John Connor, who he's been assigned to protect.

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