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Becker County Museum shows long history UFO sightings in area

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DETROIT LAKES, Minn. — Country Campground in Detroit Lakes is known for being a calm, quiet place, but last week its owner got quite a jolt when he saw something completely out of the ordinary.

"I was like 'what in the heck is that?' And I got goosebumps," said Todd Mitchell, who caught something that can only be described as strange on a security camera Friday night, Sept. 20.

He was trying to see if the camera picked up any lightning from a storm off in the distance, but in a re-watch, he noticed something a little more interesting.

In the video, a black shape can be seen darting through the sky. At first glance, it may look like a bug, but the figure comes back and appears to fly through the clouds.

"If it was up in the clouds and moving, it was moving very fast — it had to be — because it's a lot of space up there. I was just kind of stunned wondering what it could possibly be and to this day I'm still there," Mitchell said.


Records at the Becker County Museum show this isn't the first time a resident in the area has reported seeing a strange object in the sky. The museum's program director, Emily Buermann, said that stories like these can be found in past newspapers from the area.

"As we're flipping through these newspapers every once in a while we catch a little weird story," Buermann said.

The museum has an entire file filled with newspaper reports of UFO sightings all right here in our backyard. Clippings in the collection include stories with headlines like "Farmer suspects UFO left imprint in cornfield" and "Deputy recovering from 'unusual' encounter."

These sightings aren't a recent development either — they've been happening for over 100 years.

"For instance, 1897 is our first recorded history of an unidentified flying object that took place in Frazee," Buermann said. "They called it an airship."

Not every encounter has been a pleasant one, either.

"There are some cases of abductions and there's also some cases of some people's property being damaged by unidentified objects," she said.

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