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Carol Bradley Bursack's New Year's roundup of elder-friendly products, services and tech

Carol Bradley Bursack takes readers through her round-up of products, services and more for seniors.

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Dear Readers: It’s time once again for my semi-annual column that features elder-friendly products, services and technology. While product links are included within the article, people who prefer to use their own sources will find inspiration here that can help them start their search. Many products are available on both business websites and Amazon. Note: I’m simply passing on information, not endorsing products or services.

So, what’s up this time? Read on:

Adaptable clothing

  • Silverts  carries a wide variety of clothing, including shoes.
  • Magnaready  specializes in clothing with magnetic closures.
  • Buck and Buck offers general adaptive wear.
  • Prevent Products  specializes in products to prevent injury including padded pants to cushion the hip joint.

Senior housing


  • Arthritis help:  Remedic  offers a wide array of interesting helpers for arthritis and other mobility and hand-related problems. Examples include their easy-grip door handle .
  • Bottle and jar openers  for seniors have high ratings on Amazon.
  • Cars:  Swivel seats  and  vehicle support handles make entering and exiting cars safer and easier for people with mobility challenges. There are many choices online.
  • Familink is a no-setup digital photo frame where family members can send photos, and add captions and text messages via mobile app, website, email and more.
  • GentleBoost  is a self-powered uplift seat for use as a commode, over a toilet or as a shower chair.
  • Walker/Rollator gloves  help protect hands in the bitter cold.


  • Free caption phones are explained in an article on Daily Caring . Companies that offer caption phones will be able to guide you through the qualification process.
  • Mailbox alerts  helps eliminate unnecessary trips to the mailbox.
  • Phone flashers  alerts you when your phone is ringing. Good for those who have problems hearing high pitches.
  • Pocket Talkers  amplifies the sound closest to the listener while reducing background noise.



  • My Life in a Book can help your parents and grandparents share their stories and memories while you create priceless keepsakes for your family.

Orienting clock

  • Orienting clocks feature custom reminders. They are calendar clocks that should be helpful for people with impaired vision or those who may be living with dementia.

Personal alarm

  • Lively Mobile+ Medical Alert Device : Older adults can seek help from a certified Urgent Response Agent anytime — not just while they’re inside the house. Contains a built-in fall detector.

Rideshare explainer

  • TechEnhancedLife  offers a ride-share explainer for those who are unsure about how to get started using companies like Uber and Lyft.

There you have it, my friends! I’ll be watching for more for July’s edition.

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Carol Bradley Bursack is a veteran family caregiver and a nationally-recognized presence in caregiver support. She's the author of “Minding Our Elders: Caregivers Share Their Personal Stories,” a longtime newspaper columnist and host of her blog at mindingoureldersblog.com. Carol's an introverted book nerd, so you won't see her mugging in viral videos, but you can easily reach her using the contact form at mindingourelders.com.
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