Sanford Health is asking for only people with severe COVID-19 symptoms to go to the emergency room for a rapid test.

People with little to no symptoms, who need a test, should call the nurse health care line to make a drive through testing appointment.

Rapid tests are only for people with severe symptoms.

Sanford Health says their E-R can be backed up if people try get be tested there.

Sanford's Chief Medical Officer Doug Griffin says they tested more people than ever before just last week.

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"We've had more illness in the community, we've had more hospitalizations. Now most people with COVID do not need to be in the hospital, the vast majority recover at home. We know when we have more hospitalizations there is just more in the community," said Dr. Doug Griffin, Sanford Health vice president and chief medical officer.

Sanford does not do testing for traveling. People looking for a COVID-19 test to travel can get one through their city or state public health.