Cote: Could my new podcast here in Fargo mark the start of a holistically healthier life for you? Let's do this together

Hey everyone it's Kay here, host of the Wow Factor Podcast. Tune in each week to get inspired through conversations and discover a holistic approach to wellness.

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The Wow Factor podcast
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FARGO - Each week on The Wow Factor Podcast, I will share wellness events happening in the Fargo-Moorhead community. Everything from fitness and yoga classes, to sustainable food seminars, beauty events and much more! I'll also share my first hand experience at these local events and encourage you to join me in person. I'm really glad you're here and I'm so excited go on this journey with you.

"You can call me Kay, your Fargo Fit Friend!"

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This Week in Wellness schedule for Oct 11 - Oct 17, 2021

** Events that I'm attending... I hope to see you there!


Saturday, October 16

Athleta Bra Drive | Register Here

** 10am - 2pm: Red River Market | Register Here

** 9am - 12pm: CORE Beauty at Fly Fitness | Register Here

** 11:30am: Yoga on Tap at Fargo Brewing | Register Here

** 2pm - 4pm: Pelvic Floor Strengthening | Register Here

Sunday, October 17

10am-11am: Yoga at Jasper Hotel | Register Here


Who is Kayla Cote

North Dakota has always been my home. I was born in Rugby and raised in Willow City. No matter where I've been, the family farm is my sanctuary. It's the place I go to when I need to get away and recharge.

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Kay and her Dad in 1988

When I was young, I was fearless and loved to entertain. I enjoyed making people smile and making people laugh. When I went to elementary school, I had a rude awakening and was very confused when people didn't want to be my friend. I wasn't popular.

PHOTO: kayla_age 8.jpg
Kay Cote age 8

As the creative spirit I was, I turned to my old cassette tape player and hit the record button to record my first "radio show", as I called it. I started recording to help cope with all my childhood insecurities. I would bring friends on the show, talk about being bullied, the latest toy trends and celebrity crushes. Talking helped me process what I was going through at the time.

It's really hard to be different or to be not like the rest, and it took me into my 30s to realize that uniqueness is something that should be celebrated, and if it weren't for our differences, life would be pretty boring.


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Kay in High School

Fast forward to 2019, I was offered to write and produce my own live radio show on Radio Free Fargo KRFF 95.9. Gaining experience in radio was the catalyst for starting my podcast. The most important piece of advice I learned while in radio is that conversation is the catalyst to discovery. You can learn from anyone you have a conversation with, even if it's simply an encounter with someone that you met for only a moment. These little moments of connection can change lives.

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Kay recording her live radio show

During the pandemic in 2020, I had the courage to start producing "The Wow Factor with Kay", a podcast focused on holistic health and wellness. As I enter into season two of the podcast, the focus is to help people discover their God given gifts and how to live a lifestyle in alignment with them.

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Fitness Class in Downtown Fargo

I've been in the fitness and wellness industry for over a decade and am currently a certified group fitness instructor with Fly Fitness in Fargo. I've spent the last two years interviewing leaders in the industry such as doctors, functional medicine specialists and registered dietitians.

Moving forward, my goal is to share stories from myself and my guests to remind listeners they are accepted for who they are because ladies, we deserve to feel really, really good!

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Kay Cote - The Wow Factor

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Listen to this episode to learn more about how Kay found her Wow Factor.

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