Health Fusion: Cellphone use while driving and risky behavior connection

Do young adults in your life use their cellphones behind the wheel? If so, they may also engage in other risky behaviors. In this episode of NewsMD's podcast, "Health Fusion," Viv Williams has details about a study exploring an association between the two.

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Researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and The University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center found that 18- to 24-year-olds who use their cellphones while driving are more likely to take part in risky behaviors associated with "acting without thinking." They may be impulsive.

The researchers say cellphone use has been linked to an increased risk of crashes, even though many states have bans on using hand-held cellphones while driving. And, they say using cellphones behind the wheel is just one example of a more general pattern of risky behavior.

They stress the importance of developing strategies to prevent risky behavior. One way to do that may be to assess personality traits to identify people who might be at increased risk, and have them engage in interventions aimed at improving safety while on the road.

This study is published in the International Journal of Environmental Research Public Health.

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