FARGO — The new Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine facility is set to open Monday, June 14, at 1720 S. University Drive in Fargo.

The facility is the result of a $30 million remodeling project at what had been known as Sanford Health's South University Medical Center.

Prior to the remodel, the facility housed in-patient hospital beds, along with space for acute rehabilitation for patients not quite ready to return home.

Those populations moved to the new Sanford Medical Complex at 5225 23rd Ave. S., in Fargo, when the facility opened several years ago, clearing the way for the remodel at the South University Drive facility, which began in June of 2018.

Now, the remodeling work is complete at the South University Drive location and the facility is home to all of Sanford's orthopedics and sports medicine.

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"We've had orthopedic components in several different places. It's taken some time to move pieces around the board and get everything to align, but now we really have the most comprehensive array of orthopedic services under one roof in North Dakota and western Minnesota," said Bryan Nermoe, president and CEO of Sanford Health — Fargo.

Bryan Nermoe. Courtesy of Sanford Health.
Bryan Nermoe. Courtesy of Sanford Health.

Features of the new facility include but are not limited to:

  • An orthopedic clinic with three new imaging rooms
  • A bone health clinic with three new imaging rooms
  • A hand clinic
  • Hand therapy and hand surgery
  • A sports science and biomechanical engineering lab
  • A bio skills lab
  • A foot and ankle clinic
  • Pediatric orthopedics
  • A rehabilitation hospital

While patients become familiar with how the new facility is organized, Sanford will have helpers on hand to direct them on where to find things, said Mike Erickson, executive director of orthopedics and sports medicine.

Mike Erickson.  Photo courtesy of Sanford Health.
Mike Erickson. Photo courtesy of Sanford Health.

"For the first few weeks to a month, we're going to be making sure our patients have a great experience," Erickson said.

Bruce Piatt, an orthopedic surgeon and specialist in sports medicine with Sanford, said that for him the changes mean providing orthopedic care in a very efficient way.

Bruce Piatt. Photo courtesy: of city of Fargo.
Bruce Piatt. Photo courtesy: of city of Fargo.

"At times, we've worked out of four different sites," Piatt said, referring to orthopedic and sports medicine services, noting that things like in-patient and out-patient care, as well as physical therapy and imaging, are all now largely in one location.

"Most things we do will be on the South University campus, from an orthopedics standpoint," Piatt said.

Two programs relatively new to Sanford — an orthobiologics program and an orthopedic oncology program — will call the new facility on South University Drive home.

The orthobiologics program, also referred to as regenerative medicine, treats musculoskeletal injuries by using cells taken from fat, blood or bone marrow.

Such treatments can reduce pain, accelerate healing and improve recovery and they may be utilized to treat arthritis, tendon injuries and ligament injuries.