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Iran tensions could boost support for Trump, UND professor says

After the death of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani via U.S. drone strike and Iran's response by bombing military bases housing U.S. military personnel in Iraq, a University of North Dakota political science professor says the incident has been "a win" for President Trump.

"It's going to get more murky. It looks as if we've sort of hit a stabilizing spot if we don't really retaliate," said UND professor Bo Wood.

During an address to the nation on Wednesday, Jan. 8, President Trump said the U.S. will immediately impose additional economic sanctions on Iran.

Some critics say economic sanctions were behind this latest escalation with Iran, but Wood isn't so sure.

"The threat of sanctions is far more effective at getting behavior changed than the actual sanctions," Wood said.


People took to social media last night, concerned about the possible start of a World War, but Wood says tensions aren't as high as they were during the Cold War.

"There was never ever any hint that any part of the United States mainland was under threat," Wood said.

Wood thinks the conflict with Iran could be considered a win for the President. He expects the president's approval ratings to increase and support for impeachment to decline.

"He looks presidential. He looks like he's standing firm, negotiating from a position of strength but also showing restraint. I think that's a win. It is successful at distracting and diverting attention away from impeachment," Wood said.

The next move between the United States and Iran remains unclear.

"We live in peculiar times. This is not an easy thing to predict what's going to happen next," Wood said.

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