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Learn how to use your e-paper

As you transition to using the e-paper for more of your news, we know you might have questions on how to use it. This article explains the tools available to make your news reading experience more comfortable and convenient.

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Your e-paper offers many advantages when it comes to reading the news, but it’s also an unfamiliar tool for many of our readers. Here is a guide to your e-paper reading options and how to use them to efficiently use your e-paper both online and with the new e-paper apps now available in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store as “The Forum E-paper.” We also have an E-Paper Tutorial video you can watch.

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E-paper overview

The first time you open your e-paper, you should see a visual overview of some of the most frequently used navigation options. Take a moment to review these and test some of them out.


fargo e-paper tutorial #1.JPG

If you don’t see this screen, don’t worry. When you open your e-paper, look at the black navigation bar across the top. This shows many of the tools and to start, tap or click on the “help” button shown below. This gives you the same visual overview of your e-paper discussed above.

fargo e-paper tutorial #2 NEW.jpg

Adjust your text size

Sometimes both printed newspaper text and online text can be a bit small. This is a simple fix with your e-paper. Use the slider or the plus and minus signs in that black navigation bar at the top to adjust your text size for easy reading. You can also choose how your page fits on your screen with the options next to the text size adjustment. Don’t like it? Just tap the icon again to go back.

fargo e-paper tutorial #3.JPG


Tap or click on an article

Another way to easily read an article, is to tap or click on the article which ‘pops out’ a new window. Along the top of this window are options to share or print it along with being able to adjust the text size. If you like this view, you can use the navigation at the bottom to see more articles. If you prefer to move back to the newspaper layout, tap or click “Close” in the upper right to remove this window.

fargo e-paper tutorial #4A.JPG

To print an article from this view, tap or click the printer icon in the top menu. This will bring up a new window for your printer options.

fargo e-paper tutorial #4B.jpg

Your e-paper also offers the ability to hear an entire article or selected text read out loud in this view. Select the icon in the top menu of the person speaking. A pop up window will offer some instructions and an additional “Play” button will appear in the top navigation. You can click play to hear the entire article, or select text within the article and then hit play to hear only your selection.


fargo e-paper tutorial - reading feature.jpg

Quick page navigation

There are a number of ways to flip through the pages of your e-paper. The locations of these are all indicated in the images below, but let’s start with the center of the black navigation bar at the top. This lists which page you are currently on and how many pages are in this edition of the e-paper. The arrows on each side will take you one page forward or back and the arrows with a bar take you to the first or last page of the paper. You can also tap or click the arrows that appear at the center of each side of your screen as you flip through the e-paper. A similar arrow at the bottom of your screen will let you move down the page.

fargo e-paper tutorial #5.JPG

You can also use the section menu in the black navigation bar to quickly find and flip to what you want to read.

fargo e-paper tutorial #6A.jpg

When you select the section menu, a pop out of the available sections opens for you to select from.

fargo e-paper tutorial #6B.JPG

A fast way to jump to a different page is to select the “Pages” tab in the bottom left of your screen.

fargo e-paper tutorial #7A.JPG

This will show a graphic of each page along with the different sections you can navigate to immediately. Simply select a page and then click or tap above the individual page graphics to remove it or select the “X” in the far right to close this menu.

fargo e-paper tutorial #7B.JPG

Print or save your news for later

The e-paper allows you to clip, print, bookmark and download information that matters to you. These are also located in that black navigation bar at the top. When you select these options, you will have windows that pop up with additional instructions for their use.

fargo e-paper tutorial #8A.JPG

To print a page or pages of the e-paper, select the printer icon in that same black navigation bar above. You will then see a new window open with options on which page or pages you would like to print. If you would like to print or share one article, please review the “Tap or click on an article” section above for instructions.

fargo e-paper tutorial #8B.jpg

When you use a bookmark to easily find a page or article later, simply click on the bookmark icon again to see all of your bookmarks. When you select a page or article you have bookmarked, the e-paper will bring that page up for you to see again. You can view it in the newspaper layout, or review the “Tap or click on an article” section above for another viewing option.

fargo e-paper tutorial #8C.jpg

Search for topics or sections

We know that sometimes you want to search for a specific topic, name, business or other information. The e-paper lets you do that in both the current edition and previous editions. Here are some of the options to search.

fargo e-paper tutorial #9.jpg

If you would like to reference a previous edition of the paper, you can select the filing cabinet icon to see the e-papers on file. Please note that we are continuing to load more editions to the archive and you will begin to see more of those in time.

fargo e-paper tutorial #10.JPG

To search for a specific name, business or other information, select the magnifying glass icon. This will open a new window where you can enter the search term and look in current or previous editions or simply search for that item on a specific date.

fargo e-paper tutorial #11.JPG


Your Member Services team is here to help you with your e-paper or any other questions or concerns you may have about your membership. You can also email Member Services at or call 701-241-5445 for assistance. We look forward to helping you access the full value of your membership benefits.

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