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North Dakota Legislative Bill Calendar

North Dakota legislative bill calendar for January 16, 2003 Associated Press Recent bills introduced and House and Senate floor votes in the North Dakota Legislature: SENATE Approved Thursday SB2040 -- Puts the superintendent of public instructio...

North Dakota legislative bill calendar for January 16, 2003

Associated Press

Recent bills introduced and House and Senate floor votes in the North Dakota Legislature:


Approved Thursday


SB2040 -- Puts the superintendent of public instruction in charge of correspondence course regulation. (46-0)

SB2034 -- Changes terms in a uniform adoption act. (46-0)

SB2075 -- Relates to the distribution of money from the sale of surplus property. (46-0)

SB2100 -- Relates to when tax on an amended return is due. (46-0)

SB2101 -- Regulates income tax averaging for farmers. (46-0)

SB2119 -- Expands the number of schools eligible for a state tuition grant assistance program. (46-0)

SB2102 -- Clarifies the application of the surcharge on rental cars and trucks. (46-0)

SB2152 -- Exempts some unclaimed property records from public inspection. (46-0)


SB2156 -- Relates to social worker licensing. (46-0)

SB2158 -- Regulates payday lenders and money brokers. (46-0)

SB2159 -- Relates to farm wineries and collection of taxes. (46-0)

Defeated Thursday

SB1087 -- Changes dental benefits for Medicaid clients with severe dental problems. (42-4)

SB23137 -- Makes it a crime to teach without a license. (43-3)


SB2215 -- Relates to moose and elk hunting license raffles. (Sens. Wardner, Fischer; Reps. Hanson, F. Klein)


SB2216 -- Requires school students and staff to promote respect for each other during school hours. (Sens. Christenson, Fairfield; Reps. Delmore, Winrich)

SB2217 -- Relates to the administration of anesthesia by dentists. (Sens. Andrist, Erbele, Krauter)

SB2218 -- Creates limited or specialty licenses within the practice of environmental health. (Sen. Andrist)

SB2219 -- Establishes a logo sign program. (Sens. Wardner, Bowman; Reps. Aarsvold, Rennerfeldt, Wald)

SB2220 -- Affects poultry inspections. (Sens. Erbele, Christmann, Seymour; Reps. Froseth, F. Klein, Onstad)


Approved Thursday

HB1059 -- Allows service of civil process on Election Day if the process server stays at least 100 feet from the polling place entrance. (89-3)


HB1068 -- Makes it a crime to manufacture or use a false academic credential. (92-0)

HB1070 -- Relates to a bank's security interest. (89-2)

HB1080 -- Rewords the definition of a student with disabilities to include a prison inmate aged 18 to 21, if the student was identified as having a disability before he or she was imprisoned. (91-0)

HB1081 -- Affects how a fourplex housing unit may advertise, if the owner of the fourplex lives in one of the units. (85-7)

HB1085 -- Eliminates the term "probable cause" from state law dealing with reports of child abuse or neglect. (88-2)

HB1107 -- Allows renaissance zone property to be exempted from property taxation if local officials agree. (92-0)

HB1125 -- Relates to the state scholars program. (91-0)

HB1126 -- Raises the maximum amount of a student financial assistance program from $600 to $1,000. (88-3)


HB1127 -- Allows student lenders other than the Bank of North Dakota to participate in the technology occupations student loan program. (91-0)

HB1183 -- Changes the name of the state Board for Vocational and Technical Education to the Board for Career and Technical Education. (87-4)

Defeated Thursday

HB1091 -- Expands the definition of bribery as it applies to school district officials. (82-10)

HB1170 -- Allows park district to levy a 2-mill property tax to provide health insurance to its workers. (68-23)


HB1290 -- Bars insurance companies from using only credit reports to decline applications and set premiums. (Reps. Kasper, Dosch, Ruby; Sen. Fischer)

HB1358 -- Relates to small game hunting and fishing licenses and fees. (Reps. Porter, Carlson, Hanson; Sens. Fischer, Tollefson)


HB1359 -- Allows an individual to auction collector motor vehicles without a permit and sets rules. (Reps. Thorpe, DeKrey, M. Klein; Sens. O'Connell, Seymour, Trenbeath)

HB1360 -- Sets the duration of filed financing statements at five years. (Rep. Klemin)

HB1361 -- Relates to grounds for denial of open enrollment applications. (Reps. Haas, Hawken, R. Kelsch; Sens. Cook, Flakoll, Urlacher)

HB1362 -- Relates to business reports required to be filed with the secretary of state. (Reps. DeKrey, Delmore; Sens. Nelson, Traynor)

HB1363 -- Relates to Public Service Commission suspensions. (Reps. Wald, Delmore, Grande; Sens. Fischer, Tollefson)

HB1364 -- Relates to the raising and lowering of communication lines. (Reps. Bernstein, Eckre, Pollert; Sen. Heitkamp)

HB1365 -- Allows group deer hunting for as many as five people. (Reps. Bernstein, Aarsvold)

HB1366 -- Requires a vehicle registration applicant to provide proof of insurance. (Reps. Kingsbury, Delmore)

HB1367 -- Lowers the rate of interest on delinquent property taxes. (Reps. Kingsbury, Schmidt)

HB1368 -- Requires license plates to signify the county the registered owner is from. (Reps. Kempenich, Froelich, F. Klein; Sens. Erberle, Lyson)

HB1369 -- Establishes a farmers equity trust fund. (Rep. Onstad; Sen. Wardner)

HB1370 -- Relates to workers' compensation premium calculations. (Reps. Ruby, Iverson, M. Klein)

HB1371 -- Increases the fee bail bondsmen may charge. (Rep. Ruby)

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