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Proposing wall to keep out Moorhead, 'candidate' campaigns to 'Make Fargo Great'

FARGO--The 11 Fargo City Commission candidates in the Tuesday, June 14, election now face another challenger--Mikhael, a Russian who promises to "Make Fargo Great."...

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FARGO-The 11 Fargo City Commission candidates in the Tuesday, June 14, election now face another challenger-Mikhael, a Russian who promises to "Make Fargo Great."

Sporting an Adidas coat and an over-the-top accent, Mikhael asks people on the streets of downtown Fargo if they would support his three-pronged route to greatness for Fargo: building a wall to keep Moorheadians "across the border" from "stealing our jobs," AK-47s for every newborn in Fargo because defense is a high priority and increased taxes to fund Mikhael's villa and to build roads.

Mikhael Teryohin, an engineer at Appareo Systems, a software company in Fargo, said his satirical YouTube video was mostly unscripted.

"The way people are talking about things and the way the media spins different things, people are so disconnected and it's so based on emotion," Teryohin said. "So I thought why not have a little fun."

Teryohin, whose parents are Russian, said he and his co-workers often put on a fake Russian accent, which is where the Mikhael character came from.


He said the video has been well-received, and he has plans to make at least one more.

Teryohin said there are elements of truth in Mikhael's campaign video, in which he encourages Fargoans to vote.

"People should vote," he said. "People should understand things. A lot of information can get lost."

See Mikhael's YouTube video here

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