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Richman: Roosevelt no man to adore

Lots of North Dakotans would probably not like the latest op-ed piece being distributed by the libertarian Future of Freedom Foundation: "Theodore Roosevelt is No One to Emulate."...

Lots of North Dakotans would probably not like the latest op-ed piece being distributed by the libertarian Future of Freedom Foundation: "Theodore Roosevelt is No One to Emulate."

Written by FFF senior fellow Sheldon Richman, the tract is a reaction to the recent Time magazine cover story touting Roosevelt as the president who "invented modern America." The Time package includes Bush adviser Karl Rove expounding "seven lessons from T.R."

Richman blasts Roosevelt as one who championed war, believed in an American empire and favored the military-industrial complex.

"Most basically, Roosevelt was a nationalist and a collectivist, much more in the tradition of European fascists than the American liberal individualists."

Roosevelt is respected and beloved in North Dakota largely as a consequence of his having ranched in the western part of the state in the 1880s. That admiration is why the state's highest honor, the Rough Rider Award, is named in honor of the regiment he commanded during the Spanish-American War.


Sen. Mark Dayton doesn't like the fact that just three of 21 federal agencies comply with a rule requiring the federal vehicle fleet to reduce its dependence on oil.

"In his State of the Union address, the president said our nation is addicted to oil," the Minnesota Democrat said. "What he failed to mention was that the federal government is the biggest addict of them all."

Dayton sent President Bush a letter complaining after a report said that instead of reducing the federal government's dependence on oil by 20 percent, it actually rose 1.2 percent since 1999.

The report did say more federal vehicles can use alternative fuels, such as corn-based E85, although they still usually use oil-based gasoline.

"It doesn't do any good if they're buying flex-fuel vehicles, but then filling them up with regular petroleum-based gasoline," Dayton said.

North Dakota state Treasurer Kelly Schmidt is a panelist at the July 22 Republican National Committee's women's leadership conference in Minneapolis. She joins two other women who will discuss getting involved in the Republican Party.

Low-income women and men 15 to 50 may get state help to prevent unintended pregnancies.

"It is intended to increase access to pre-pregnancy family planning services and to help reduce the number of births from unintended pregnancies," said Brian Osberg, Minnesota assistant human services commissioner for health care.


Minnesotans can get financial help with birth control, sterilization, and diagnosis and treatment of sexual transmitted diseases. Abortions are not funded.

More information is available from www.dhs.state.mn.us/familyplanning or (888) 702-9968.

North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Roger Johnson has a revamped campaign Web site, www.johnsonforag.com .

It's probably the only one you will see this year containing a quote from Roman philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero (c. 106-43 B.C.): "For of all gainful professions, nothing is better, nothing more pleasing, nothing more delightful, nothing better becomes a well-bred man than agriculture."

Thirty of Minnesota's 201 legislators have announced they won't seek re-election.

The latest is Rep. Connie Bernardy, DFL-Fridley, who was one of her party's rising stars. The number of retirees is not a record, but it does raise the stakes in this year's election, making it even more uncertain which party will control the state House. Republicans now hold a two-seat margin.

Sonia Hohnadel of Moorhead will serve on the Minnesota Board of Marriage and Family Therapy.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty appointed Hohnadel, who is communications coordinator and administrative assistant to the Tri-College University of Fargo-Moorhead provost.


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