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The Most Beautiful Bride

It's the day every girl dreams of and every woman anticipates with a passion--their wedding day. It's a culmination of emotions, efforts, and a flurry of activities--all leading to that one spectacular moment in time. It's the ceremony that trans...

It's the day every girl dreams of and every woman anticipates with a passion--their wedding day. It's a culmination of emotions, efforts, and a flurry of activities--all leading to that one spectacular moment in time. It's the ceremony that transforms two lives into one, and is ultimately the most important day in a woman's life. Of course, every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect--right down to every last detail. And since it is the one day in her life that will be captured in a variety of ways forever--still-life photos, video recordings, and memories--the bride must pay particular heed to her personal beauty routine and their preparations--to ensure she'll truly be the most beautiful bride.

Wedding day is definitely not the time to experiment with a new 'do or shade of lipstick. Perfect wedding day hair and make-up is the result of pre-wedding preparation. Practice makes perfect--even when styling hair and applying make-up! The following tips and timeline will help calm wedding jitters, and enable the bride--as well as her attendants--to relax and enjoy being gorgeous when the big day arrives.

Two Months Before the Wedding:

Make an appointment for the bride and attendants at a beauty salon for a trial run of hair and make-up styles and applications.

If the expense in A is not a consideration, plan a get-together at the bride's home for a practice session of "do-it-yourself" hair and make-up styles and applications.


Discuss at this time any special needs, such as combs or accessories for hair, particular eye shadow colors, etc.

This is the perfect time for the bride to have a facial. This ensures she is on the path to flawless skin for the big day.

This is an excellent time for the bride to schedule a cleaning with her dentist. Those pearly-whites need to glisten and gleam for wedding photos!

One Month Before the Wedding:

Host scheduled hair and make-up session at salon or in home. Arrange in advance for refreshments to be served. Arranged who will pay for said services, if they take place in a salon. If money is an object, host the event as a potluck brunch or luncheon, and ask attendants in advance to chip in for the cost of the services. Regardless of the option chosen, be sure stylists are tipped adequately.

Now is the time for the bride to schedule a follow-up facial. Do not schedule facial any sooner than ten days prior to wedding, as breakouts can result from some facials.

Purchase tooth-whitening product like Crest White Strips or bleaching solution. Use according to directions.

One Week Before the Wedding:


Make sure all arrangements are reconfirmed. Contact each attendant and reiterate list of accessories needed.

Remember to make last-minute checks of all your transportation details, times, and date.

If bride doesn't choose to sport an elaborate hairstyle, and prefers a more natural look, this is the time to have a healthy trim and conditioning treatment to restore hair's luster and bounce.

One Day Prior to Wedding:

Bride and attendants should meet to calm the bride's nerves--that is, to assure her that everything will go according to plan on her special day.

Bride and attendants should have manicures today.

The Big Day:

Bride and attendants gather at designated time and place--several hours PRIOR to the wedding. This allows for last-minute glitches--tears smearing make-up, weather that causes hair to flop or frizz, a sudden facial blemish or rash.


Bride and attendants should go over manicures with fast-hardening clear topcoat to preserve beautiful wedding nails.

These steps -- or similar variations thereof, won't guarantee a flawless walk down the aisle. They won't assure the bride (or groom, or their families) that the newlyweds will live happily ever after. What they will do, however, is this. They will instill in the bride that all details have been tended to, and that she and her attendants will be positively gorgeous on the day she takes her wedding vows. They will evoke feelings of confidence -- and confidence lends its glow to the most beautiful bride.

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