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Tips and tricks to get your kids to mask up

FARGO — Most schools are requiring kids to wear masks at school.

An expert at Sanford shared some tips and tricks to get your kids to Mask Up.

First, she emphasizes the importance of practicing with your kids so they can put them on by themselves before going back to the classroom is key. Finding a mask that is comfortable for the child and fits their face well is how you can get to them wearing them for long periods of time.

Alison Hornyak, a pediatric infectious diseases specialist at Sanford, says, "It's really important to get our kids back in school, because we know that's what best for them. The best way to immigrate risk and make it safe for kids to back to school is for them to wear masks. So it's important that we all do our best to make out kids complaint with them."

One way she says to do that is to set a good example. Hornyak says a lot of kids learn by example, so if they see you wearing a face mask they will be more likely to wear one too.


Another trick is to make it into a reward system. For example, they can play on electronics or watch TV--if they agree to wear their masks while they do it.

Doctor Hornyak says both a cloth or surgical mask is fine for kids as long as it fits them and they put it on right. This means washing their hands and only touching the ear straps so the face covering does not get contaminated.

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