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Travel on roads, in sky affected by heavy snowstorm

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FARGO -- I t's one of the busiest travel days of the year, and naturally people are heading back home after Christmas.

The NDDOT in Fargo knows they have a big couple days in front of them, with their 17-truck fleet working overtime.

"One of our biggest issues until the wind picks up is going to be snow fog when meeting and passing vehicles," said Kent Leysring, maintenance supervisor with the NDDOT.

Visibility may be non-existent, making the drive a dangerous one, even for snow plows.


"We are normally plowing snow at around 30 to 35 mph, and now we might be down to 10 or 15 just to see the center line," said Leysring.

It's also impacting air travel.

This developing storm can be felt in multiple states and cities, including Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The MSP aiport is experiencing a heap of delays, leaving some travelers stranded at Hector International Airport and elsewhere.

The airport is a major hub for Fargo's connecting flights.

They expect more than 40,000 passengers each day until December 30th.

Delta Airlines has also tried to get ahead of things.

They're planning to issue delay and cancellation waivers to 11 different airports in the region that are impacted by the storm, according to their website.


Jason Brustad was visiting his parents in Hillsboro, and waited hours trying to get back to San Diego.

He is worried that Thursday could present an even bigger challenge, as he tries to fly out of Minneapolis.

Brustad takes at least one positive from the delay.

"It's good to get home to see the family no matter what," he said. "If you have to wait one more day to get home, it'll be worth it. "

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