FARGO — Elenora will be 15 months old next week, but her journey so far has been dangerous and incredible.

"We found out she was a girl, and they told us there was a tumor on the placenta," recalls Elenora's mother, Roberta Pytlik.

The ultrasounds showed there was a tumor on the placenta that was providing blood to baby Elenora.

"There was a profile of her sweet little head, and behind that, a tumor," Pytlik said.

At first, it wasn't of much concern, but then it was discovered the tumor was growing.

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Doctors at Mayo Clinic discovered Elenora's supply of blood was being restricted, threatening her survival. At about 28 weeks, Elenora got a blood transfusion while in utero.

Her fire is what kept her here.

Elenora was born February 2020, and this Mother's Day feels like a special holiday for Elenora's mom.

It is amazing every day.

Now, Elenora not only celebrates her birthday, but the day she got her transfusion in utero. Blood that was available thanks to blood donation.

Roberta and her family have a tradition of donating. They never knew they would be on the receiving end one day. They are very thankful for all those who donate, to save lives like Elenora's.

"I didn't always know I wanted to be a mom, and she is so incredible," Pytlik said. "We had such a journey to get here, that Mother's Day is a super wonderful day for me."