Vape juice comes in a lot of flavors. In 2018, San Francisco voted to ban all flavored tobacco products to try to get kids to stop using them. Well, the move might have made the situation worse. A study from the Yale School of Public Health shows that after the ban went into play, high school students' odds of smoking conventional cigarettes doubled.

In a news release, the study's author says there's a need for caution.

"While neither smoking cigarettes nor vaping nicotine are safe per se, the bulk of current evidence indicates substantially greater harms from smoking, which is responsible for nearly one in five adult deaths annually," says Abigail Friedman, Ph.D. "Even if it is well-intentioned, a law that increases youth smoking could pose a threat to public health.”

She adds that their study suggests that as policymakers try to get fewer people to vape, they should be careful not to push them toward cigarettes.

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