ROCHESTER, Minn. — When attending graduation parties, I often wonder what good wishes to give to the "almost grownups."

Do I wish them the riches of the world or unlimited success? How about hoping they find their meaning and purpose in life?

Sometimes, however, wishing them what they want may not work since they might know what they want.

I think I know it now, what wishes to give them, at least silently.

“May you find a world that truly loves you.”

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Success, fame, wealth, meaning — all of these and many more are of little meaning if we do not perceive love flowing toward us.

What is the secret to receiving more of this love?

Give it!

Generate love in one of its expressions every day. Working with passion to serve your colleagues, patients, and others shows your love for them. Treating others with care and compassion also shows that love. Accepting others, being grateful for them, finding them meaningful, and forgiving them for their mistakes are other expressions of love.

The more you generate love for yourself and those around you, the more of it will reflect back to you. The world is a wonderful reflector in that sense. Sometimes there is a delay, but it surely will come.

As a general principle, it is good to remember that the love you give is the only love you get to keep.

I sincerely wish for all of you that may you live a life so, at the end of it, when you look back, you reflect: I sure was loved.

As your graduating children go to college, I pray that they meet a world that loves them as much as you do.

Dr. Amit Sood answers your questions about stress, resilience, happiness, relationships, and related topics in his column. Email