My guest is Dr. Edward Creagan, a Mayo Clinic oncologist, speaker and author. He says stress is a serious problem.

"Whether you're a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker, you've got to get stress levels under control," says Creagan. "Otherwise you won't be able to go the distance. Our lives depend on our basic wellness and stress has the potential to erode our physical and mental health."

Watch or listen to learn more about stress and ways to handle it. Plus Dr. Creagan and I will share some stories of mishaps that we attribute to too much stress in our lives. Some will make you smile, but others demonstrate just how bad stress can be.

Edward T. Creagan, MD, FAAHPM, is Professor Emeritus at Mayo Clinic Medical School and the author of two award-winning books: "Farewell: Vital End-of-Life Questions with Candid Answers" and "How Not to Be My Patient." He blogs at

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