FARGO — From a needle in his arm, homeless on a stranger's couch, to a new life.

There are moments like that make Dan Coleman just shake his head. Now a successful business owner of Dakota Property Services that landscapes in the summer, and puts up Christmas lights and removes snow in the fall and winter.

For more than 20-years, Coleman battled addiction. He served time in jail and went to prison.

"Alcohol, (cocaine), anything I could get my hands on," Coleman recalled. "I ran the streets, didn't care about anything. (I) dropped out of school."

He was in and out of rehab. And then, a moment where it clicked. He figured he would get clean or die.

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"My sister says she waited for the call to come and identify my body," Coleman said.

He spent time at Share House and the F5 Project turned his life around.

"I am a proud father of a 15-month-old son," Coleman said. "I have a 4-week-old daughter, an amazing girlfriend — if I wrote down all the blessings I have had since I have been sober, and all the people in my life, people wouldn't believe them all."

He went through F5 Project's entrepreneur training and here he is today.

"To see him go from being addicted to drugs and deep into that world and deep into the business world today, it gives me the warm fuzzies," said F5 Project founder and executive director Adam Martin.

Coleman not only has his own business with his own crew, but on Thursday, Nov. 4, he installed Christmas lights for family that couldn't afford them.

"Living life with purpose gives me a reason to get up every morning," Coleman said.

He got thanks from the family, along with a plate of warm, homemade treats.

The F5 Project is planning another entrepreneur training session for those in recovery.