Lately we've heard some farmers complain about the results of the tariffs imposed by the U.S. and our trade partners. When asked, most farmers agree that something needed to be done.

While China maintained a 10 percent (now 25 percent) tariff on our soybeans and an 80 percent tariff on sorghum, rejected boatloads of our products because of health concerns, steals technology, etc., which have been going on for many years, we have put our feet up and planed with our imported iPhones.

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While our trade imbalance with China reaches nearly 4 to 1, is it wise for the U.S. to sit back and see what happens next or should we do something "bigly"?

Some short term pain will be required for a long term gain, no doubt.

When the European Union won't tolerate our GMO ag products because there may be one chance in a trillion that science will someday prove that eating anything GMO could cause a hangnail, maybe it's time to stop importing their BMW cars.

Who then really did start most of these trade skirmishes, if only inch by inch?

I suppose the U.S. could continue cowering down the same path of being Mr. Nice Guy while these other countries eat our lunch until we starve. Or, maybe the field should be leveled.

If we have to buy our friends by caving in to them, is that sustainable? If we end this trade war early without the desired results, we lose again. Let's think before we become nearsighted.

Frolek lives in Lidgerwood, N.D.