North Dakota vaccinations up for month of August

North Dakota saw vaccines uptick heavily in August compared to July.

FARGO — The North Dakota Department of Health has reported a recent surge in vaccinations. The state reported 21,723 doses of COVID-19 vaccines were given in July.

Turning the calendar over to August, the number shot up as 37,446 doses were administered.

Some experts believe they know the reason behind the dramatic increase.

"I just think that kind of fear of delta variant and kind of seeing that our cases are increasing, that our hospitalizations have have increased, are really driving people to get vaccinated," said Jenny Galbraith, COVID-19 Vaccine Manager for the North Dakota Department of Health.

Galbraith, a frequent speaker at the state's COVID-19 townhalls, also said the Pfizer approval by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration may have played a role.


"I think the FDA approval for part of the Pfizer vaccine, or the 'Comirnaty,' I think that did help kind of belay some people's fears, and kind of see that, yes, this is an approved vaccine, and (people) are kind of comfortable now getting it," Galbraith said.

The state says they will keep their foot on the pedal when it comes to vaccinations.

Ben Morris joined WDAY in June of 2021 as a news reporter. He grew up in southern New Hampshire, before he moved to Fargo. He majored in media communications and minored in marketing at the University of Toledo in Ohio.
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