Martin Edward O’Connor

Martin Edward O’Connor was born September 25, 1941  in Chicago, IL and died December 27th, 2019 at his home in Ajijic, Mexico, surrounded by his loved ones. In his youth, Marty entered The Christian Brothers, eventually becoming a high school teacher.  In 1967, while so many were hiding behind college deferments or bone spurs, Marty abruptly left the Christian Brothers in response to a second calling—the Marines and Viet Nam. But Marty was lucky; he wasn’t killed. He only contracted prostate cancer via Agent Orange, unbeknownst to him for almost 45 years. In his commitment to God and country, Marty was as courageous as he was determined. After all, he was a Celt. In 1969, Marty returned from Viet Nam to Chicago where he met his future wife--Jean Davies. They married in 1970 in Jean’s home town of Fargo, ND, where they lived until their divorce in 1996. They had three children: Elizabeth, who died shortly after birth in 1971, Young Marty born in 1972 and Dan in 1973. Marty’s total devotion to and love for his sons is his greatest legacy to them. He was a gentle man, compassionate, supportive and kind, in a world much in need of these virtues. He was a man driven by principle and the right as he saw the right to be. He was well-known for following his own mind without concern for the opinion of others—to the consternation of many. For the greater share of his career, Marty was broker for The Land Office Real Estate Company in Fargo, where his St. Patrick’s Day parties were legendary. Following that, he owned and operated Eamon Imports, a tequila Import company in Mexico. After Marty’s diagnosis with stage 4 prostate cancer, he permanently relocated to Ajijic, MX to be near his sons who were both living there at the time.  For the final two years of his life he shared a home with Jean and her husband of 15 years Jim Schmith, in Ajijic. Marty leaves behind his sisters Kathy, Sharon, and Michelle, their partners, nieces and nephews and cherished friends. He remains in the hearts of his sons Young Marty and Dan, his daughter-in-law Michelle, Dan’s partner Jorge, and his beloved grandsons Matthew and Eamon. In true Martin Edward O’Connor tradition, we will hold celebrations of Marty’s life in Minneapolis, Ajijic, and Chicago--in the finest pubs--of course! For info on these celebrations of life, email son Marty at

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