There’s too much riding on 2021 to risk starting it off with a potentially failed New Year’s resolution. (Really, who wants to be skinny anyway?)

So instead of resolutions this time around, I’ve got a list of New Year’s realizations — things I learned to accept and embrace this past year; things I’m looking forward to carrying with me in the 12 months ahead.

The biggest one? I love being “unbusy.” I always suspected I would, but that didn’t stop me from filling every moment of every day pre-pandemic. I used to say “busy is better than bored” but I no longer believe that. I’ve gotten a lot of quality time back with my family because of this realization.

The boredom that comes from being unbusy forced me to rediscover hobbies and interests I had abandoned, like art and home DIY. And now I realize that creative outlets are nearly as essential to me (and my sanity) as air. To keep those juices flowing, I signed up for an intro to interior design class through Moorhead Community Education. Just for me and just for fun.

These are just a few of mine. I’m sure most of you have your own moments of personal discovery you could share, too, both big and small. In this edition of On the Minds of Moms, we will introduce you to a few areas moms who have walked this road, having experienced realizations they used to help guide their lives.

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For example, our Mod Mom Katherine Pendergast, who only as an adult realized her gift for writing. She figured out how to combine that with her love of animals and now is a published children’s book author, writing about Pickles the dog.

On our cover this month is Vivian Fellman, who turned her passion for health and wellness into her profession and is now celebrating her first year as a local business owner. We hope you’ll find some inspiration in these and other stories in this edition of the magazine.

Remember, you can find these stories and many more online. Look for the On the Minds of Moms section on for new content every week.