For many of us, Mother’s Day is one of the great markers of spring. Along with that comes a lot of chatter, especially on social media, about what makes a mom. More specifically, what makes a good mom.

I’ve never cared much for these conversations because in my mind, it’s impossible to define without being trite. Any attempt to do so will surely leave someone feeling they don’t measure up. I already feel that way enough.

Sure, I snap at my kids almost daily, I don’t limit their screen time like I should, and I’m “not great” at making sure we have healthy home-cooked meals every night. Don’t even get me started on how much I loathe things like dishes, laundry and all the other domestic chores some might say a “good mom” should happily do for her family.

But am I actually a bad mom? I hope not. I’m definitely not perfect, but let’s not make that the standard.

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In this edition of On The Minds of Moms — and really, all year round — we want to celebrate ALL moms, whatever that definition might be for you. Our standard isn’t perfection. No one gets extra points for being a Pinterest-perfect parent here, and we truly hope this is a place where we can celebrate the many nuances that come with the title “Mom.”

In this issue, be sure to check out our cover story on Traci Anderson. For Traci, being a mom is so much more than biology. She and her husband opened their hearts and homes to two foster children who joined their biological daughter in becoming their forever family. Then there’s our Mod Mom profile which features Melissa Schaff. Melissa, like many area mothers, wears many hats, including author and business owner, and she’s honest about the struggles she had to finally become a mom.

Do you know an area mom who should be featured in an upcoming edition of the magazine? Or, do you have a great story to share or that you want to tell us about for a Mother’s Day feature? If so, I’d love to connect with you. Send me a note at