PRAIRIE ROSES: To North Dakota state and local election officials who ensured that the Tuesday, June 14, primary and municipal elections came off without a hitch. Despite overblown concerns about voter identification requirements, there were very few people turned away from the polls. There were several reported instances of precinct workers helping voters get their IDs right so they could vote. But the notion that waves of voters were prevented from voting because of ID requirements proved to be nonsense. Also, voting results from local balloting and from statewide voting came in rapidly from most places after polls closed at 8 p.m. Trends, particularly in the Republican governor primary race between Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem and Fargo entrepreneur Doug Burgum were evident early, and held as returns came in throughout the evening. The work of the Secretary of State's Office was especially well done-with updates, maps and return breakdowns by county. All in all, the process was efficient.

PRAIRIE ROSES: To the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for throwing out a $1.8 million award to former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura in a lawsuit in which he claimed he was defamed in the best-selling book "American Sniper," by the late military sniper Chris Kyle. First, defaming Ventura for reporting he was in a bar fight is akin to defaming a North Dakota winter for reporting it's cold. Ventura, who has probably defamed, or at least insulted, more people than he can count, invites criticism. The appeals court concluded that the former professional wrestler's arguments did not hold up, and that failure of the trial judge to grant a new trial to Kyle's estate was an error. The circuit court also said the lower court was wrong to award damages to Ventura because Kyle was unjustly rewarded by using a Ventura-like character in the book. Part of the case has been sent back to lower courts for another trial. If justice is served, Ventura should lose there, too.

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