I own a "pop-up" business and enjoy popping up in the downtown neighborhood, close to the empty Sahr's service station. I read the letters to the editor, condemning Joe Burgum for decorating the space one summer and not the next.

I get it. No one wants a vacant block in the middle of their neighborhood. Rather than pointing fingers at who you think should be putting in the effort, perhaps we could take a cue and add a little of our own effort to the mix.

I've worked with Joe as a downtown business for a couple summers now and the effort I see him put into creating spaces and events for the community to enjoy is incredible. He unites people around ideas, makes sure everyone has a role and everyone is invited. Neighbors working together producing great results everyone can enjoy.

I love downtown Fargo. I love that the locals unite to make things happen-to build a community they love.

Joe's been building the Red River Market for years and I tell you ... the electricity it brings to downtown on Saturday's is undeniable. My business thrives because he found a way to invite people to downtown Fargo on Saturday mornings. Now that the market is established, he's moved on to improvements like pushing toward zero waste and benefiting non-profit causes. He's a humanitarian. He's for real. He means what he says and you can count on

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If you're upset that he didn't plant flowers at Sahr's this summer, maybe there's a way you could contribute to that effort?

Halvorson lives in Fargo.