Are they smelling what they're shoveling? In the real world you will be expected to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself. Why then, do the Republicans feel so giddy about this Fantasy (tax) Island they have stuck us on? The GOP lines their own gilded pockets with tax breaks, including property, business, inheritance and income taxes. Infrastructure crumbles.

Amtrak Train derailments and fires at the busiest airports in the world happen just in time for Christmas. Whole nations, like Puerto Rico, epitomize the word "infrastructure." Clearly, we should be prioritizing where we spend. Bridges, roads, airports, trains and electric grids serve everyone and, therefore, demand the highest funding priority. Tax relief, if any, drops in priority. If we don't buy into this premise, then the feels good addition to tax relief will look like Fantasy Island, or is it Gilligan's Island?

Veronen lives in Ponsford, Minn.

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