I would like to propose an idea for any future opportunities that the Bison may have (who are we kidding...will have) in the FCS Championship game.

My husband and I have been to Frisco three times and we have stayed in Fargo three times. The trips to Frisco are the absolute best and should be experienced by all Bison fans. However, with jobs, families, weather, money, school, etc., there are many factors that prevent our fans from making the migration south every year. When we have stayed in Fargo, we have missed the camaraderie of fellow Bison fans tailgating and watching the game.

We should consider having a watch party at the Fargodome for future championship games in which the Bison are playing. My vision would be to offer the full tailgating experience and then allow entry to the Dome for low rates (i.e., $10 a person) and sell concessions.

With the beautiful, large, high def screens at the Dome, it would be an awesome venue for fellow Bison fans to watch the game together, even if they can't be in Frisco (or wherever) in person.

Telford lives in Fargo.