Oh, the irony, delicious or otherwise, to note non-stop critic, ridiculer and perennial fault-finder of all things conservative and Christian, Steve Stark, in his Jan 10 cartoon, wishing the teachings of Scripture would be more generally practiced!

How curious he, like most liberals, scream, holler and noisily protest and prohibit Christian principles from being either taught or mentioned in the public square--much less, in public schools--yet now admit those same teachings would manifest in a more civilized society.

Many of us benefit from the constructive behavior of others, like military defending freedom, firefighters and EMTs responding in emergencies, or police dealing with challenges. Also, consider the police workload eased if everyone behaved themselves...say, didn't covet, or mess with property or wives not theirs, didn't kill folks who bugged them, or even respected authority.

Yes, this is once I can agree with Stark. Society would be much better if we followed the (God's) rules. Or even better, had a decent relationship with him. Then we wouldn't even need rules.

Sheldon lives in Mapleton, N.D.