How many more employees will have to come forward to confirm Lisa Feldner's reports of discrimination, a hostile work environment, wasteful spending, and unethical contracts before the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education takes action?

I have known Feldner for more than 30 years as a student, teacher, the state's chief information officer, and as the vice chancellor and chief of staff for the university system. She is the consummate public servant. She has integrity and the respect of school leaders, government officials, legislators, and more. If someone is doing something wrong, Feldner is not one to look the other way. People know they can trust what she says, and that's why they respect her.

The longer the remaining employees are exposed to the hostile environment and unethical behavior within the university system office, the greater the liability for the state of North Dakota. It's time for the board to terminate Chancellor Mark Hagerott for cause.

When will board members Don Morton and Greg Stemen wise up and seriously consider what two former vice chancellors have reported? Or are they dismissing the reports because the vice chancellors are women?

Seymour served as a North Dakota State Senator from 2002 to 2010.