Meridian Energy Group is seeking to locate the Davis Refinery near Belfield and Medora, N.D.

This industry will create an opportunity for good paying jobs which ultimately lifts the opportunity for all in this area.

Meridian Energy Group has followed all the rules the state has set forth for them to build this plant on that site. Because their projected refining volume is 27,500 barrels per day of production, they do not need a Public Service Commission (PSC) permit. A PSC permit must be sought at 50,000 barrels per day of production.

Its location is not in sight from one of the highest hilltops in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The company has also reported plans to plant additional landscape tree borders on their property. Meridian's staff has followed the law during each step of the process. The Billings County Commissioners approved this project unanimously over a year ago after a detailed review of the refinery's location.

Five hundred construction, 200 permanent and 2,000 indirect job positions will be created with this project, which contribute to the prosperity of our children and grandchildren. This will also add new families in both large and small towns and add to the economies of those towns.

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There are groups that oppose fossil fuel projects in part because they support alternative fuels like wind towers and solar panels. I agree wind and solar have their place. However, our state should embrace all the energy sources which include fossil fuels. Join me and others in supporting the Davis Refinery for western North Dakota.

Steiner is a Republican representative for District 37. She lives in Dickinson, N.D.