I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas but now that the holidays are over I think it's only fair I be given a chance to respond to the comments made about me by Kelly Armstrong, chairperson of the North Dakota GOP. Since my beliefs were so ambiguously labeled as "vile," I want to make clear what my views really are. At risk of being accused of "click-baiting" again I think "Smelly" Kelly's whole claim about me stinks.

I'm pro-life, pro-wall, and pro-gun. I think white people deserve equal protection under the law. I'm pro-white. Like Trump, I'm willing to try something new. We're not afraid, the people who try and censor us are.

The NDGOP like Twitter are private entities; they work in the interests of their shareholders, and unlike the government they can infringe on First Amendment rights. The left is happy to outsource censorship to private companies. On the right we are told to make new platforms for social media and crowdfunding. We do and those are then shut down immediately by Google.

It's time for a new way.

Paul Nehlan, a Republican running in Wisconsin drafted a 'Shall Not Censor' bill that would eliminate Twitter's ability to censor political speech freely. Kevin Cramer has spoken about similar legislation.

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Mr. Armstrong may be right about one thing. This isn't about politics and personally I think he's a cool guy. You have to be a tough guy to do his job. No hard feelings.

This is about our culture and our Identity. As the left becomes less about free speech and more anti-white our people are thirsting for a new way. The way is as simple as taking our own side. Even if you have to engage in some click-bait to do it. Open discourse is better than the alternative.

Tefft lives in Fargo.