For six weeks now, President Trump has authorized his administration, under the direction of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to abduct 1,994 (and counting) children from their parents. Sessions has cited the Bible, of all things, to justify these childhood abductions. He has claimed that a "zero tolerance" policy towards border crossings into the U.S. gives our country the right to abduct these children from their parents. He makes no reference to his immoral and inhumane use of American power and bureaucracy and the use of brute force to terrorize these children in order to make a political point.

The result of these abductions? Many of the children are traumatized. Some are hysterical and in need of mental health counseling that isn’t available. I never thought I would see the day when a president and his representatives would embarrass me and every American who calls himself or herself a decent human being. While Trump is praising a murderous North Korean dictator and literally saluting one of Kim Jong-un's generals who's responsible for numerous deaths of those who oppose the brutal dictatorship, he smirks at photos of wailing kids separated from their parents and argues pathetically that he'll put them with their parents again if the Congress lets him build his wall to keep them out. How many of you reading this letter have had to deal with spoiled people who claim they’ll do the right thing once you let them have their way?

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There are some reports of women being separated from infants, though these have not been confirmed. What has been confirmed, however, is that many "Christians" among us support or remain silent about these child abductions. One of my heroes, Willie Nelson, has this to say: "What's going on at our southern border is outrageous. Christians everywhere should be up in arms."

Many of these children come from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, where they're fleeing sex trafficking rings and gang violence. Ironic, isn't it, that in my name and yours they are being brutalized at our borders by big American police?

There is nothing Biblical about brutalizing children and separating them from their parents. Sessions has earned a very special place in hell for justifying Trump's inhumane and immoral behavior by quoting a book of scripture. Any Christian who supports the policy -- most religious

organizations have condemned Trump’s clearly thuggish behavior -- is a Christian in name only.

Trump, of course, also deserves a very special place in hell for using babies and small children as political talking points and abducting them from their parents as if the only thing that matters is who wins.

As a true conservative, I can’t remember ever being so ashamed that the man who occupies our highest office doesn’t care about children or human beings but only about winning.  As for the silent Christians among us, take a day off from screeching about unborn children and pay attention to the live children at our border who are being abducted and manhandled on a daily basis.

Davis, Moorhead, is a regular contributor to The Forum's opinion pages.