It has been interesting to behold. On Oct. 10, 2018, this paper ran a story about a nurse who works for area abortion providers. Apparently, this women's "growth" from a child protesting abortion with her grandparents to working in the abortion industry was front-page worthy.

Then, three days later, The Forum ran a 2,300+ word article introducing the new president of Planned Parenthood. If you did not read the whole article, I can summarize it for you - she's a doctor, she's really, really, smart and did I mention she's a doctor?

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The timing of these two pro-abortion puff pieces is quite interesting. They ran within days of "Gosnell, the Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer" opening in theaters. This movie, based on a true story of a convicted murderer, is being blacklisted by the mainstream media, just as they ignored Dro. Gosnell's trial. In case you think I am being cynical on this, I typed "Gosnell" into the search box on the Inforum website, and there was not one article about the Gosnell movie over the time the two pro-abortion articles ran. In fact, the first article that popped up was from 2013, and it was related to one of my bills from the 2013 legislative session.

The Gosnell movie covers the true story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell who was convicted of murder after a two-month trial in 2013. The Philadelphia abortionist, (Pennsylvania prohibits the procedure beginning at 24-weeks gestational age) admitted at trial to regularly performing illegal late-term abortions, mostly on low-income minority women. Often inducing labor, deliver live babies, and then kill them by snipping the backs of their necks with scissors. Horrific. But the Gosnell movie is not a horror show and does not depict the abortion procedures, it's rated PG-13 for goodness sake. And, I agree with the comments saying that the movie is like watching an episode of Law and Order. Except, this movie is based on the true story. It presents the truth of the corruption of abortion in our society, but also the cover-up by the mainstream media.

The director of Gosnell, Nick Searcy, said, "It is nearly impossible to find an adult person who does not have an opinion on the issue of abortion," in National Review, "and yet how little we all know about it-how it is done, what the laws are surrounding it, how it is regulated, legislated, and practiced. I wanted to share that knowledge."

Despite the lack of media coverage, the Gosnell movie is doing quite well. It is the No. 1 independent movie and was a top 10 movie overall on opening weekend. The media blackout is not working, so now pro-abortion groups are pressuring movie theaters to pull the movie. Why? What are they worried about? The truth? I say all this, to end with this:

To Ms. Haeder and the pro-abortionists, when will we see even the slightest bit of outrage over selling of baby parts, killing babies after birth, late-term abortions, babies being killed after it is known they can feel pain. Please, show any compassion for the unborn child. Then, maybe then, we can start to understand each other.

Grande represented the 41st District in the N.D. Legislature from 1996 to 2014. She is a wife, mom, grandma, lover of life and Jesus. Opinions are solely her own.