Before you vote, watch "All the President's Men" (1976), specifically the two-disc special edition DVD available for $12.99 at Amazon, It includes a second documentary disc (2013) that explains details and significant context surrounding Watergate.

The movie, a captivating, suspenseful thriller, delivers an overarching message and warning. Watch the movie first, then watch it again while listening to Robert Redford revisit these events from his 2013 perspective. It is more important now than ever to watch this movie and listen to Redford's narration and analysis.

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If you don't think history repeats itself, think again. The parallels between the Watergate era and our current political environment is ominous, prophetic and uncanny. Redford wraps up his narration with the question "Will we have learned from this?" Watch the movie, listen to Redford, decide for yourself, then vote.

Schwartzwalter lives in Moorhead.