There has been a lot of political furor, of late, over North Dakota-based Fisher Industries receiving a very large federal contract to build a portion of the controversial border wall between the United States and Mexico.

The company is set to be paid $268 million to build 31 miles of border wall in the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge. The contract has another $132 million in options that could be exercised.

The aforementioned political furor seems born of the fact that the head of this company, Mr. Tommy Fisher, is an unabashed supporter of President Donald Trump, who has appeared on Fox News. Fisher also has close ties with U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer, who, for his part, invited Fisher to the State of the Union address in 2018 and has been an advocate of Fisher receiving the contract.

At first blush, that all might seem a bit, well, unseemly. Typically government contractors try to fly under the media radar, and they don’t wear their political allegiances on their sleeves. Fisher has done neither, and while I suppose you could argue that Fisher’s political loyalties earned him the contract, you can also say he’s been a bit more transparent than the usual executive whose company is soliciting a significant contract.

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