Declassified Justice Department documents confirm alleged 2016 Trump-Russia collusion was a hoax built on lies first generated by the Clinton campaign. Rogue leaders of the Obama FBI and CIA, conspiring with Obama Justice Department officials, used the lies to initiate a treasonous covert coup d’état aimed at removing a duly elected president. The reckless hoax collapsed with the phony Mueller probe. Federal criminal investigations are underway.

This column previously detailed incriminating evidence of rogue Obama National Security Council holdovers conspiring with Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to contrive the Ukraine quid pro quo impeachment hoax. That ill-fated scheme also collapsed under the weight of its sheer folly.

Frustrated Trump-haters were searching for another impeachment avenue when an unforeseen option materialized. Invoking the progressive maxim “never let a crisis go to waste,” why not utilize the Chinese Communist COVID-19 pandemic to invent a new hoax? Just boldly claim President Trump is personally responsibility for needless American virus deaths.

The tip-off was language in Pelosi’s coronavirus legislation requiring an “investigation” into President Trump’s handling of the pandemic. She also announced the formation of a Democrat-dominated coronavirus “oversight” committee chaired by House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, D-S.C. Clyburn spilled the beans by declaring the pandemic gives Democrats a tremendous opportunity to “restructure things to fit our vision." Having nothing to do with the Chinese Communist COVID-19 virus, the Democrat “vision” has our American Republic transforming into a socialist utopia controlled by elite liberals.

For her part, Pelosi rushed to cable news cameras to recite the tired old political canard: “What did Trump know and when did he know it?” Then: “Trump is fiddling while people are dying.” This from Pelosi, who several weeks after Trump wisely banned travel from China was doing live TV shots in San Francisco’s China Town encouraging people to come there to shop and eat together. How many deaths resulted from that?

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COVID-19 impeachment hoax charges? Already heard: Trump waited too long to act. The travel ban was based on his “racist” hate for Chinese people. He rejected science and data. He prematurely opened America’s economy, causing thousands of deaths. Trump lied, people died. High crimes, treason, impeach, convict, remove!


Hold on. What if polls show most Americans reject additional Pelosi-Schiff impeachment lies?

Plan B: Liberals and their Trump-hating media cronies collectively encourage iron-fisted state and local pandemic management that keeps most businesses closed until after the November election, purportedly to “save lives.” Depression, domestic abuse, drug deaths and suicides are already soaring. If Plan B prevails, tens of millions more jobless Americans will become immersed in poverty and despair. The carnage would permanently bury the Trump-built, record-setting American economy, guaranteeing election defeat for President Trump.

If Plan B prevails, fast forward to January 2021. Delighted cable news pundits are celebrating the inauguration of Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams (soon to be President Abrams). Jubilant Chinese communists are still celebrating their incredibly shrewd use of a deadly virus to vanquish Donald J. Trump and his abundant economy.

Artfully manipulating bewildered Biden and hapless rookie Abrams, a genocidal Chinese communist dictatorship swiftly advances to become the world’s dominant superpower.

A regular contributor to The Forum’s opinion pages, Hulett is a retired human resources professional and management consultant, retired Minnesota peace officer, and veteran of the U.S. Navy.