Seldom has a sociopath been more dramatically exposed than was the evil Minneapolis cop that publicly choked to death a citizen on Memorial Day. His damage to an honored blue uniform, to 99.9% of peace officers that perform lawfully and to the greater Minneapolis community, is devastating and irreversible. Justice will be served.

In their clumsy response to rioting, groundlessly justified by that sociopath's one-off evil deed, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and Police Chief Medaria Arradondo initially did nothing. Rioting was portrayed as “protesting,” providing an open invitation to fascist criminals to loot and burn long after peaceful protesters had gone home. By May 27 anarchists ruled the streets of Minneapolis.

Frey’s answer: light touch and minimal response. He threw the rule of law to the winds and allowed Third Precinct Police Headquarters to be ransacked and burned. In a shameful display of malfeasance, defending his decision to abandon the precinct to rioters, Frey rationalized: “The symbolism of a building cannot outweigh the significance of life.


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The weak-kneed response to anarchy by Minneapolis leaders repeatedly provided organized rioters a green light to rule the streets. On May 27 and 28 criminals freely broke into, looted and burned any business they selected. They totally plundered a large Target store and destroyed a new sports bar and other businesses owned by black entrepreneurs.

Minneapolis police were nowhere to be seen. Incredibly, Arradondo was quoted as saying it was not “safe” for his officers to confront rioters. History shows fascist mayhem stops when addressed with appropriate force. Identify, arrest and remove fascist leaders and the riot ends. Not last week in Minneapolis.

On May 29, Gov. Walz belatedly stepped in, publicly admitted Frey failed miserably, then posted State Police and National Guard troops on Lake Street. In the face of a mob of rioters, police and Guard troops were withdrawn by nightfall. Violence and burning continued unchecked, resulting in hundreds of additional businesses destroyed.

On the morning of May 30, after the fourth night of unhindered rioting, burned out buildings in the East Lake Street area, just south of the beautiful Greenway bike trail, were left smoldering, sad monuments to the feeble efforts of the mayor and governor. Many business owners lack resources to rebuild and reopen. Scores of charred buildings will stand in disgraceful decay.

We Fargo-Moorhead area residents sat at home shocked, helplessly watching anarchists loot and burn our country, including an attempt in Fargo. By June 2, organized terrorists dedicated to destroying America ruled the streets of over 30 major cities. Hundreds of bystanders and peace officers, including over 60 Secret Service agents, had been beaten or otherwise injured.

Sunday night a group of fed up citizens in Philadelphia surrounded their neighborhood Target Store and blocked the looters. Is that the only way the nation-wide insurrection will end?

Minneapolis, “City of Lakes,” celebrated for beautiful parks, pleasant neighborhoods and miles of trails, will never be the same. This is one of the most disgraceful displays of failed government leadership in Minnesota history.