You might think that a YouTube video showing white women kissing the boots of Black Lives Matter haranguers on a city sidewalk would be satire. But after reading two letters to the July 8 Forum, we can't be sure the video was a farce.

In acts of public self-flagellation one author confesses to his own innate racism and that of his family while the other purports to display America's “systemic” racism. The former accuses his father of racism because he talked about “welfare deadbeats,” and we all know who that means, right? But according to the U.S. Census Bureau, while Black Americans are three times likelier to be on welfare than whites, there are more whites on welfare, so who is the father referring to? If my child accused me of racism on such flimsy evidence, I would disinherit him (if I had anything worth inheriting).

The other writer blathers on about systemic racism. Let's check that out: In 1866 a white Congress passed a Civil Rights Act affirming that all Americans had equal rights and protection under the law. Amendments 13 through 15 constitutionalized the Act, which was specifically passed for the newly freed slaves. Other writers have noted that the 1954 Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education overthrew “separate but equal facilities.” Affirmative action, forced busing, quotas, another Civil Rights Act (this time in 1964), and a cornucopia of welfare programs were all carried out by what the fevered few call white systemic racists. So keen on rooting out racism, America even countenanced blatantly unconstitutional or witless laws and court decisions.

Did we achieve utopia? No, but the notion of a system-wide bias against minorities is disproven.

In 2019 almost twice as many unarmed whites were killed by cops than were unarmed blacks, according to USA Today. This is all the more remarkable given the statistics showing that the homicide rate for young blacks is 13 times higher than for whites, indicating far higher rates of crime. It's not racism of any stripe if higher crime rates bring higher arrest rates.

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Is there economic racism? No doubt, but how do we explain the fact that American Asian men and women outearn white men and women on average? Japanese Americans earned about the same on average as whites by 1956 and went on to considerably greater earnings in the following decades. Where is the “systemic racism”? You might think that so-called white privilege would squelch this sort of thing.

Racism and bigotry are endemic to the human race. Black celebrities Nick Cannon, Louis Farrakhan, Ice Cube, NFL player DeSean Jackson, Al Sharpton et al. have unleashed a tsunami of anti-Semitic remarks both long ago and recently. None has paid the price “systemic racist” whites have. In fact, we must wonder just how systemic the bias is when powerful people are fired for saying things like “All Buildings (or Lives) Matter” or conduct valid scientific studies showing results that are politically incorrect.

Forum columnist Tony Bender is fortunate to have a job after writing “All Words Matter.” But then, the left protects its own.