Last Saturday’s (July 25) column, Trumpanista clown car sputters on, brought mostly favorable responses, but a few not so nice. A sample:

Bill from Fargo wrote: “I read your (column) about the Trumpster’s handling of the Covid pandemic. Well said. Spot on.”

Elizabeth, no address, said: “My husband and I love your columns … You express what so many of us are feeling these difficult times, especially because it was all so avoidable. Keep up the good work. We look forward to your column.”

Al from Horace, N.D., an old media friend, put it this way: “YAY...YAAAY...YAAAAAAY!”

Larry from Fargo said: “...Spot on metaphor in describing ‘Trumpanista.’ He would make a terrific banana-republic dictator. Your ‘clown-in-chief’ was spot on, also.

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…”The best thing … that the civilized part of the GOP nationally could do is to NOT re-nominate Trump ... and put (Sen. Mitt) Romney or (former Ohio governor John) Kasich into the top spot instead. I realize that’s a pipe dream, but I think it would finally resolve the Trump issues. It would be the start of the rebuilding of the Republican Party. Keep up the good work.”

Margaret, rural Minnesota, called to say: “I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to read your column in The Forum about the president’s terrible behavior. I just have to thank you for being a truth-teller, especially when we all know how vicious the Trump people can be. I’m sure you will hear from them, they are so awful ... don’t let it get to you. Keep writing.”

James from the Devils Lake, N.D., area wrote: “I don’t like most of your writings. Too much smarty-pants -- all that book stuff you write -- like you think you’re smarter than everyone else. You ain’t. But I got to say, that column today (July 25) about Trump and the virus was OK. I been a Republican all my life, but enough is enough. This man is a disaster for real Republicans and for the whole damn country. So keep it up, telling it like it is about him and the mess he’s making. I sure don’t like everything you write, but when you got it right, you got it right.

To which I say: Thank you all for your kind comments. Much appreciated.

Then there was this:

Randy of West Fargo (just as Margaret predicted), emailed this screed: “You have single handedly confirmed the reason(s) I don’t subscribe to this garbage newspaper anymore, nor will I bother purchasing an occasional copy.

“You are just another typical low life Trump-bashing clown who has nothing better to do than blame this president for everything … Get over it, buddy, he’s YOUR PRESIDENT and likely will be extending his stay for another four years come November.

“Perhaps a more appropriate title for your ‘commentary’ would have been ZALESKI CLOWN CAR SPUTTERS MORE CRAP! I guess what’s even more shocking is that this so-called newspaper would print your worthless garbage.”

Two which I say: Gosh darn it all, I surely am chagrined. I’ve been put in my place, taken to the woodshed, my work reviled as garbage and crap. And it’s so gratifying to have it done with such thoughtful language and intellectual rigor. Ahem …