Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., is the 2020 Democrat presidential nominee. Sure, Joe Biden technically received the nomination, but everyone figured out long ago the vice president pick would be the real candidate. Biden calls himself a “transition candidate.” Harris is his “President in-waiting.”

Some Democrats fear Biden won’t remain sufficiently cogent until Election Day, let alone much past the first few months of a presidency in 2021. If he wins, Biden can proudly retire, having achieved his ultimate political goal. Until that day, Harris and other socialist handlers would function as puppeteers, moving Biden around as needed but mostly keeping him on the down low.

Harris was an interesting choice for Biden's replacement. During her campaign for the presidential nomination, the most memorable moments were sharp attacks on Biden. She said she believed his multiple female accusers’ sexual abuse allegations ranging from unwanted touching, kissing, hair sniffing and shoulder squeezing to sexual assault. During a nationally televised debate she backhandedly accused Biden of being a racist.


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Ultimately, Harris’ candidacy failed to resonate with African American voters in the important early primary states of South Carolina and Nevada. In her home state of California, with only 8% support, she polled behind Biden, socialist Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and even behind communist Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. She was forced to terminate her hapless campaign.

Inexplicably reversing course, Dems have dramatically shouted from the rooftops that Harris is a notable historic figure and highly qualified to be president. CNN talking heads bellowed: “A star is born.” Out of nowhere, Kamala Harris has been pronounced better prepared than every other living Democrat to hold the most powerful position on earth.

What might we expect from a Commander-in-Chief Harris? She has embraced Sander’s plan for socialized government health care along with multiple trillions of dollars in new middle class taxes to pay for it. She supports ultra leftist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D. N.Y., whose “Green New Deal” destroys the North Dakota fossil fuel industry and forces America to again depend on foreign oil. Otherwise, it’s hard to pin Harris down. She typically flips policy positions depending on the audience and political wind direction. found Harris to be the most liberal senator in 2019. Incredibly, her legislative record stood to the left of both Sanders and Warren. Yet, loyal Democrat mouthpiece New York Times wants you to believe she is a “moderate Democrat!”

If Biden and Harris tragically prevail, fast-forward a few years:

“Mom, our debate coach says back in 2020 the USA was economically and militarily first in the world. Americans enjoyed unhindered freedom, prosperity, and unlimited opportunities to succeed. North Dakota actually had a thriving energy industry and America exported gas and oil.

Really? America collapsed into fascist violence, anarchy and widespread devastation based on contrived Democrat lies, shamefully repeated by media and Forum columnists, generating blind, deranged hate for President Trump and the police? How did traditionally sensible Americans allow themselves to become that irrational and foolish."