Where did the time go? It’s time for another edition of, “Reader Feedback.” Often imitated, never duplicated, it’s the column dedicated to you, the readers. It tells you what readers are saying to me or about me on emails, Facebook, published letters, or in other columns.

About 80% of the comments are wonderful. Here are some of them: “Thank you Jim. Once again you are our voice of reason and change,” “Thanks for keeping us informed, enlightened, and entertained,” “Jim, your words bring lightness into this dark world,” ”I am so thankful we have your voice! You are such a good man!,” and “You have humor, sensitivity and a certain vulnerability that people love. Keep doing it! It is inspirational.”

I am touched by those comments. Now, it’s time to hear from readers who don’t exactly think highly of my work, along with my responses.

  • From Jason: “Fear mongering liar of the worst kind.”

Dear Jason, Your email to Donald Trump was mistakenly sent to me.

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Dear Wes, Congratulations! The KKK has given your letter its highest rating!

  • From Rick: “You used to be a reporter? Now if you think about it, you’re on the Communist Chinese government side.”

Dear Rick, I don’t think about it.

  • From Ron: “Who are you trying to kid? All you ever do is trash Republicans and President Trump.”

Dear Ron, That’s not true. I also trash Rob Port.

  • From Kevin: “I can’t wait until Shaw’s articles are gone!!!”

Dear Kevin, Don’t hold your breath. It could be a long wait.

  • From Harriet: “President Trump is working for what is best for Americans.”

Dear Harriet, I didn’t realize Vladimir Putin is an American.

Dear Rob, In that column, I wrote, “North Dakotans should not vote for or against Hellerud, Dakane, Martin, or Vanhorne simply because they are Black.” Either you did not read the entire column, or you are unable to comprehend it.

  • From Alan: “There (are) no words to express my sympathy for your sickness.”

Dear Alan, How about, “I hope you feel better?”

  • Keep those comments coming, and stay tuned for the next edition of, “Reader Feedback.”