What is it with the mainstream media? Their white-hot rage and hate for President Trump, which were in place even before he was elected, have hardened their left-wing bias beyond reason. Take as one small example the catchphrase “without evidence” applied in news articles about Trump. This phrase, true or not, is always editorializing, not news reporting. It's in some Forum news pieces. National Public Radio was recently taken to the woodshed for repeatedly using the phrase (only for Trump, of course) in news reports, particularly and wrongly saying that Trump asserted “without evidence” that Kyle Rittenhouse's shooting of three protesters in Kenosha looked like self-defense. In fact, several liberals pointed out that there is some evidence that Trump was right.

Instead of saying something like “Trump claimed such and such” or any neutral equivalent, our fast and furious media pass judgment. Judgment is the opinion page's job. If anyone sees any of the legacy media's news stories about Joe Biden that include “without evidence,” please let me know. Such a rare instance would be valuable in a circus exhibit of oddities.

Despite the collapse of the media's fond hopes that their thousands of negative articles on the sure thing that Trump collaborated with the Russians, they keep trying. In an early October surprise Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic magazine revealed, based on anonymous sources, that Trump in a meeting denigrated soldiers as losers and refused to go to a Paris cemetery to honor American servicemen because rain would muss his hair. Unfortunately for Goldberg, some 19 witnesses at the meeting aver that Trump said no such thing and that he was advised to not go because of stormy conditions. But when did truth ever slow down the enraged bigots in the media?


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Behold what's happening in legacy media. The New York Times forced the Editorial Page Editor James Bennet to resign when he ran an opinion piece by Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark. NYT Opinion Editor Bari Weiss recently quit, noting that Twitter is now NYT's ultimate editor and that at the NYT “truth isn't a process of collective discovery but an orthodoxy...known to an enlightened few.” How quaint, this notion of objectivity in today's woke media. Andrew Sullivan left New York magazine because the MSM won't allow a diversity of opinion. Ariana Pekary quit MSNBC because “the [media] model blocks diversity of thought...to pump up ratings.” And Atlantic's radical kooks are at it again, advocating that the Nobel Peace prize be eliminated because Trump is a nominee.

Strict adherents to unbiased reporting used to advocate journalism as a mission to separate fact and fiction. Emotional, editorial descriptions such as “tragic” or “unfair” in a news account aren't neutral but opinion. College journalism departments skew heavily left, and it shows. Their students tend to assiduously polish the hob-nailed boots of groups like antifa and back the freedom-crushing mindless orthodoxy of leftist politicians. Somehow they do this while believing that they're really fighting for liberty against the great unwoke.

Early America's openly biased press was far preferable to today's self-deluded “objective” media.