Measure 2 is a constitutional amendment, put on the November ballot by the Legislature, which would change the initiated measure process for constitutional measures.

Activists would still collect and file signatures the same way, but if a measure amending the constitution is passed by voters, it wouldn't immediately be enacted. It would first go to the Legislature for an up-or-down vote.

If the Legislature approves, then the measure is enacted. If the Legislature votes it down, the measure automatically goes on the next general election ballot for another vote of the people. If approved again, then it is enacted.

Oh, and Measure 2 would require that constitutional amendments only be placed on November general election ballots, as opposed to June primaries.

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On this episode of Plain Talk, Measure 2 opponents Ellie Shockley and Dustin Gawrylow try to convince me that the changes are a bad idea.

They didn't succeed, but I think our conversation is illuminating, both of the issues around Measure 2 the initiated measure process in general.

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