In response to President Trump testing positive for COVID-19, I have no sympathy. The world is collapsing around us and we’re supposed to be complacently compassionate towards the clown who’s caused the chaos? He epitomizes how selfishness, ignorance and indignancy can make you, and those around you, physically ill.

Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic and refusal to heed the advice of health experts and the realities of science is largely to blame for well over 200,000 deaths. He’s a victim of a virus he’s mocked, downplayed, and been deceitful of. Even at the height of his illness and the onset of his recovery Trump’s continued to put the lives of those around him at risk while defying basic precautions and diminishing the seriousness of a potentially lethal virus. He is a disgrace and a threat to America, and we owe him nothing.


We can go high when others go low without submitting to defeat when others use their injustice and indecency as weapons to win. The moral high ground that Democrats have sought to maintain is futile if they don’t have the power, position or platform to use it. If Democrats are to successfully mend this country’s brokenness, they must be willing to fight in a manner that can’t be outmaneuvered by immorality.

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Trump’s illness should not cause us pause. We must maintain our persistence and pressure in holding Trump accountable for the laundry list of issues he’s responsible for that put us in a perilous position. His racism and glorification of white supremacy, his objectification of women and actions that work to deteriorate their rights, his taxes, his xenophobic nationalism, the militia he’s unleased on civilians at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement, and his push to reopen a country with the highest infection rate while doing nothing to control the devastation of this pandemic only make up the tip of the iceberg. If we don’t push to prevent injustice while the man who creates and enables the injustice is weakened, we’re not only poor warriors, we’re as guilty as the perpetrator.

In the wake of Trump’s recovery, we must beware of the narrative that’s already begun that claims he’s invincible, a hero, and immune. The narrative that diminishes the strength, health, and capacity of his opponent, Joe Biden, whom he’ll mock and make appear weak for continuing to practice safety precautions. The narrative that neglects to acknowledge the disproportionate level of medical care he had access to which allowed him better odds of recovering than the millions of Americans who lack even basic health care. The narrative that discredits the necessity of masks and distancing and empowers his base to continue to selfishly unsubscribe from the seriousness of the virus. The narrative that downplays his experience and stresses the weakness of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who’ve died from this virus.

While Trump recovers, we must keep working and fighting to help our country recover. If we want to mend our country, the first step is getting Trump out of office. Without Trump at our helm, America can make progress towards its true potential. We will be stronger and healthier once we vote him out of office.

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