This election is about alleged racism, lying, sexism, bullying, and nasty social media posts. And that’s just in Fargo’s District 46 House race involving Jim Kasper.

Beyond that, in the presidential race, it’s about a return to normalcy and decency. Throughout American history, our presidents have demonstrated very human flaws. However, whether they were Democrats or Republicans, there were certain lines they didn’t cross. We desperately need to get back to that. With that in mind, here’s what we need from the next president.

  • A president who strongly combats a national health crisis from the start, tells Americans the truth about it, and makes it his top mission to safeguard the health of all Americans.
  • A president who believes in and follows science.
  • A president who understands that those who preach bigotry, hatred and violence are not “very fine people.”
  • A president who doesn’t denigrate our fallen and captured soldiers as “losers and suckers.”
  • A president who will tell foreign leaders that bounties against our troops are unacceptable.
  • A president who treats people wishing to come to this country humanely, and would never separate children from their parents.
  • A president who doesn’t tell American citizens to go back where they came from.
  • A president who supports our allies who share our values, and speaks out against brutal dictators with abysmal human rights records.
  • A president who doesn’t secretly suspend military aid to an ally, and try to force that country to help him get re-elected.
  • A president whose presidential campaign doesn’t work with Russia to try to get elected.
  • A president who sides with our intelligence community, not Russians who interfered with our election.
  • A president who doesn’t try to disrupt the post office in an effort to win re-election, doesn’t urge people to illegally vote twice, and accepts mail-in voting.
  • A president who doesn’t tear gas, arrest or beat up peaceful protesters.
  • A president who doesn’t call the news media, “The enemy of the people,” but appreciates the importance of the First Amendment.
  • A president who doesn’t try to imprison his political opponents.
  • A president who doesn’t pay hush money to porn stars, so they won’t reveal their sexual relationships with him.
  • A president who doesn’t use his position to take in extra money while in office.
  • A president who will not pull an end run on Congress by declaring a national emergency to fund his pet projects, and then take that money from the Defense Department.
  • A president who pays income taxes and will make public his tax returns.
  • A president who commits to a peaceful transfer of power.

All this can and must happen to truly make America great again.

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